Increase Awareness of the Physical, Psychological and Educational Benefits of Participating in School Based Team Sports;

Inform Students, Parents, and Others of the History of Gender Equity in Education; the Purpose and Intent of Title IX; and, Scholarship Opportunities Available thru NCAA Eligibility




Inspire Students to Choose STEM and other Non-Traditional Career Paths and Use Athletics as their Vehicle for Post Secondary Success; 


The Sankofa Project is a member of the Samuel Christian Services Network, a community based non-profit organization established in 1984 to provide programs and services to risk-exposed DC youth and their families.

Each December, the Sankofa Project puts its "Positive Peer Pressure" philosophy into action by vetting and inviting some of the best talent in the Nation (with team GPAs of 3.0 and better) to participate in the National Title IX Holiday Invitational Conference and Classic (NTHICC).